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Lisheennageeha Consulting Limited is a company focused on problems related to the copyright of digital media distribution in the Internet.

Our company supports right owners to find and remove illegal copies of their content from file hosters.

Our clients are well known media companies of the music, film, games and print industry.

Gutenberg 3.6 - Ebook-Piracy Report 23.9.2014 - Ebook Piraterie in Deutschland und International

Download the report here (PDF-File)

Gutenberg 3.5 - Ebook-Piracy Report 22.4.2014 - Ebook Piraterie in Deutschland und International

Download the report here (PDF-File)

Gutenberg 3.4 - Ebook-Piracy Report 22.11.2013 - Aktuelle Trends

Download the report here (PDF-File)

Gutenberg 3.3 - Ebook-Piracy Report - Illegale Ebook-Shops - der neue Trend der Piraterie

Download the report here. (PDF-File)

Gutenberg 3.2 – The costs of piracy 01.10.2012- Market Study (English)

The version 3.2. of the  report is about the book piracy of STM publishers. It contains an estimate of the real losses of piracy based on assumptions of the replacement rates. It also informs about new methods of ebook piracy.

Download the report here. (PDF-File)

Piraterie in STM-Verlagen 26.4.2012 - Market Study (German)

Die kurze Studie beschäftigt sich mit Fragen der Buch-Piraterie bei STM-Verlagen (Science Technology Medicine). Sie gibt, gegliedert nach Verlagen, einen Überblick, wie viele Bücher (unterschiedliche Titel) mindestens als illegale Kopien im Internet verfügbar sind.

Download the report here. (PDF-File)

Piracy at STM publishers 26.4.2012 - Market Study (English)

This report is about the book piracy of STM publishers (Science Technology Medicine). It will give, broken down by publishers, an overview how
many books (titles) exist as illegal copies in the Internet at least.

Download the report here. (PDF-File)

Gutenberg 3.1 – Ebook-Piraterie in Deutschland (ein Update)  7.10.2011 - Market Study (german)

Gutenberg 3.1 is the update of the report 3.0, published on the 8.2.2011. This report does not include the 3.0 version. It contains newnumbers, facts and information about the ebook internet piracy.

Download the new report here. (PDF-File)

Gutenberg 3.0 – Ebook-Piraterie in Deutschland 8.2.2011 – Market Study (german)

The report is about illegal distribution. It gives an overview into recent trends, costs and
a future outlook of content piracy in Germany and in the world in the print business.

Download the report here. (PDF-File)


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